Living and working at the Diavik Diamond Mine

Living and working at the Diavik Diamond MineDiavik offers a full range of facilities to ensure that our employees enjoy comfortable contemporary living conditions on site.

Private rooms in employee accommodation include bath, satellite TV, phone, large windows, and darkening shades. A housekeeping service cleans and maintains all rooms daily.

The dining room is furnished with a coffee bar. Sandwiches, pastries, fruits, and vegetables are available 24 hours for employees starting or finishing their shift. The dining room presents excellent views of the tundra surrounding the mine.

On site recreational facilities have been designed to ensure that employees maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while based at the mine. Facilities include a gym, a track, fitness centre, a squash court, a reading room, non-smoking and smoking lounges, and big screen television. The gym features treadmills, stationary bikes, shower facilities, stair masters, rowing machines, weights, basketball court, track, and sauna.

Fully furnished lounge and rest areas are available at the mine and corporate office. These come complete with couches, reclining chairs, music, big-screen satellite TV, video games, pool tables, table tennis and board games. Other recreational facilities include a craft area, library, learning centre, high-speed Internet labs and connectivity in all private rooms. Even Diavik's haul trucks are equipped with music players.

The mine and corporate office also have their own cafeteria where coffee, specialty teas and hot chocolate are available at no charge. Free soft drinks, milkshakes, juices, lattes, and other specialty drinks are available at the mine site.

As part of Diavik's commitment to the health and safety of employees, healthy menus are a priority. The menu also caters for special diets. Snacks, including fresh baked goods and pastries are available 24 hours a day at the site. All meals on site are free.