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Candian diamonds: Diamonds of distinction

Diavik DiamondsDiamonds from the Diavik Diamond Mine are extracted from three ore deposits in kimberlite pipes where were located in shallow waters of Lac de Gras in Canada's north. The pipes, called A154 South, A154 North, and A418, are small in diameter but with a grade of nearly three carats per tonne, are well above world averages. 

Diavik diamonds offer the international diamond market a commercially desirable range of good color, gem quality rough diamonds, with most of the value lying in white stones of one carat and larger and of good commercial clarity and shape. Diavik's diamonds enjoy a high profile in the international diamond market; many of the world's established diamond polishing centers are interested in receiving a share of Diavik diamonds.

Under the joint venture agreement with Dominion Diamond Diavik Limited Partnership, each partner retains the right to receive and market its share of all diamonds produced. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. has 60 per cent share of the diamonds which are marketed by its sister company and sales agent, Rio Tinto Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium. Rio Tinto Diamonds' clients includes a Yellowknife diamond cutting and polishing plant.

Dominion Diamond Corporation supplies rough diamonds to the global market through its 40 per cent ownership in the Diavik Diamond Mine.

Canadian diamonds

Canadian diamonds are much prized for their distinctiveness and value, and issue-free origin.