Exploration lies at the heart of Diavik's mining venture in the North. Diavik works hard to sustain its mining operations by exploring for new ore bodies and seeking opportunities to increase reserves in the existing kimberlite bodies.

The three kimberlite pipes which form the current Diavik reserve are part of four mining leases totaling less than two per cent of Diavik's mineral holdings. Diavik is committed to searching for additional reserves on the remaining holdings, which are nearly 240,000 hectares (2,400 square kilometers) in size.

Exploration fieldwork includes geological mapping, geochemical sampling, and ground-based magnetometer, electromagnetic, and gravity surveys. This is followed by diamond drilling and bulk sampling to delineate and test favourable targets.

Through exploration, Diavik has discovered approximately 70 kimberlites on its claim block, about half of which are diamond bearing.