MiningOpen pit mining gave Diavik access to the diamond-bearing kimberlite ore beneath Lac de Gras. Diavik open-pit mined three kimberlite pipes, called A154 North, A154 South, and A418 from 2003 to 2012.

A fourth pipe, A21, continues to show potential.

All three kimberlite pipes are being mined from underground. The transition to an all underground mine was completed in 2012.

A range of heavy duty equipment is used to mine for diamond-bearing ore. These include:

  • Komatsu 830E haul trucks, each with a 218 tonne payload;
  • Hitachi EX 3600 excavator with a 20m3 bucket and a 35 tonne payload;
  • Hitachi EX 1900 excavator with a 12m3 bucket and a 22 tonne payload;
  • Terex RH200 hydraulic excavator with a 21m3 bucket;
  • LeTourneau front-end loader, with a 20m3 bucket and a 35 tonne payload;
  • D75EX Driltech blasthole drills;
  • Komatsu HD785 haul trucks, each with a 90 tonne payload; and
  • Bulldozers, wheeldozers, graders, backhoe and loaders.