Canadian diamonds

Canadian diamondsCanadian diamonds are much prized for their distinctiveness and value. Thanks to Canada's high social and environmental standards of mining and the Diavik Diamond Mine's award-winning approaches to mining engineering, safety and sustainable development, Canadian diamonds guarantee an issue-free origin.

The Canadian Federal Government's Competition Bureau has defined a Canadian diamond as one mined in Canada. Rio Tinto Diamonds and Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. support and are signatories to the Canadian Government's Voluntary Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamond Claims. Both companies are committed to ensuring that diamonds sold as Canadian truly are Canadian, thereby capturing the benefits of that origin for all stakeholders.

The Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada has introduced a program to certify selected diamonds as mined, cut and polished in the Northwest Territories. Out of Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.'s 60 per cent share of production from the Diavik Diamond Mine, a proportion of the larger better quality gem material is made available to companies manufacturing in the Northwest Territories. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. also supplies a number of other Canadian manufacturers outside of the Northwest Territories with production from the diamond mine.