The following timeline illustrates the finding, construction and operation of the Diavik Diamond Mine.



1991 to 1992

Aber stakes mineral claims.

March 1992

Exploration begins.

June 1992

Aber Resources, Kennecott Canada Exploration form Diavik joint venture.

1994 to 1995

Pipes A21, A154-South, A154-North and A418 discovered.

February 1996

75-person exploration camp erected for underground bulk sampling.

July 1996

5,900 tonne bulk sampling of A418 and A154 South pipes completed.

December 1996

Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. created with head office in Yellowknife.

March 1997

Bulk sample transported over winter road to Yellowknife for processing. Approximately 21,000 carats of diamonds recovered.

June 1997

Environmental baseline studies completed.

September 1997

Pre-feasibility study completed.

March 1998

Project description submitted to Federal Government triggering formal environmental assessment review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

September 1998

Environmental Assessment Report submitted and Comprehensive Public Involvement Plan initiated.

November 1999

Federal Government approves project for permitting and licensing.

September 2000

Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. receives all necessary permits and licenses to bring mine into production.

December 2000

Investors of Rio Tinto plc and Aber Diamond Corporation approve $1.3 billion expenditure to build mine .

January 2001

Mine construction begins.

October 2001

A154 dike earthworks completed.

July 2002

A154 dike completed, dewatering commences.

December 2002

Mine virtually complete.

January 2003

Diamond production begins.

May 2003

First million carats.

May 2003

1.9 million accident-free hours.

April 2003

Aber's first sale of rough diamonds.

July 2003

Rio Tinto Diamonds' first sale of rough diamonds.