Our approach

Diavik Diamonds Mines: The way we work

The establishment of the Diavik Diamond Mine and its ongoing operation has provided Diavik with ample opportunities for positive sustainable development - from the amazing, award-winning engineering feats to establish the mine infrastructure in a pristine arctic landscape, to the development of considerable employment, training and capacity-building opportunities in northern communities, to the incorporation of indigenous knowledge and values to ensure minimum impact of the mine on the region's rugged yet fragile natural environment.

Sustainable development

Diavik contributes to sustainable development by seeking to maximize the resources it mines, by pursuing opportunities to enhance environmental, social and economic benefits, and by reducing adverse effects that may result from its undertakings.


Diavik is committed to protecting the natural surroundings of its operations and to minimize its effects on the environment and on the traditional lifestyles of local communities.

Community investment

Diavik is devoted to building strong, consultative and respectful relationships with local communities and to enhancing the social well-being of these communities.